Why “The Search Ninjas”?

George explains why he named his company “The Search Ninjas”


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Why the Name “Search Ninjas”

Gerry: Hi it’s Gerry Oginski, founder of the Lawyers’ Video Studio, and I have with me today the Search Ninja Expert—George Murphy is the Search Ninja Expert. And in fact he calls his company the Search Ninjas. And today I have an opportunity to chat with him to find out exactly why he called his new company The Search Ninjas. Welcome George!

George: Well, thanks for having me Gerry, I appreciate it.

Gerry: My pleasure. We’re here in a legal marketing seminar in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in a beautiful, turn-of the century, renovated train station. And it’s an ideal situation for us to sit down and start talking, but, tell us why you came up with the term and the name, Ninjas, Search Ninjas.

George: Well, I wanted to come up with something that’s a little more outside of the box. With marketing, especially internet marketing, the providers who are more successful for their clients are the ones that come up with ideas that aren’t as, they don’t follow a straight line. They’re not as “by the book”; they’re a little more, like I said, outside of the box. And the Search Ninjas, I feel like, went that route. I coulda went something a little more conventional, GDM consulting, or something that, you know, fit the bill like a lot of other internet marketing providers go. Um….

Gerry: What’s a ninja by the way?

George: A ninja, yeah, no, that’s a good question. And…A lot of people think of a ninja, you think like Chinese stars, and swords, and Kung fu movies…but in an internet world, the internet market world, a ninja is a little more of a versatile, just an overall, well-rounded individual that is, A—resourceful. With SEO, the most important part of SEO, when we’re doing it for a client, is what sites they’re actually maintaining a presence on. When it comes to SEO, back links are very important. When it comes to Google Places, citation sources are very important. So a ninja is resourceful and knows how to search for these particular sites that would be beneficial for our clients to maintain a presence on…and not only are they able to identify and obtain, either those citations or back links, but a ninja’s also able to cover his tracks so that a competitor doesn’t have as easy of a time finding out what sites you are actually maintaining a presence on.

Gerry: Aren’t they experts at stealth?

George: Haha, we are stealth yes.

Gerry: You stay in the background and make things work?

George: Yes exactly, yes, a stealth ninja, a search ninja. They go hand in hand.

Gerry: And that’s one of the great things that I love about George is that he makes things happen behind the scenes so that you as an attorney don’t have to get involved in what’s happening. You simply call George up and say, “George, can you make this happen?” He says, “We’ll take care of it.” And next thing you know, he starts to work behind the scenes, in stealth mode, doing everything appropriately, what he’s supposed to do, and you know, this is a perfect thing, the search ninjas, because that’s exactly what they do in the background.

George: Well I also wanted to elaborate on that it…the whole company doesn’t just rely around me. I have other employees that actually work the search ninjas, but because we believe in that stealth, that stealth philosophy, I mean I don’t just throw away, or throw out everybody’s name who works there so….it doesn’t all revolve around me, I’d say I’m like the dojo master, and…

Gerry: He’s very humble…

George: Hahaha

Gerry: He wants you to believe that things happen, but the reality is George is a master at understanding search engine optimization, and I want you to know about that. That’s really the key why I asked him to sit down with me and talk to you because it’s so crucial. And what do you do to help these attorneys create and, you know, master the optimization, the search engines?

George: Sure, and you know, it just kinda depends on the attorney’s location, and the attorney’s practice area. We service multiple attorneys and multiple practice areas whether its personal injury, bankruptcy, family law…we’ve worked with lawyers throughout the country and multiple practice areas. And what we’re able to do is help you maintain a more positive presence on the internet—whether that’s improving your search engine rankings on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Whether that’s putting together a display or pay per click advertising campaign that helps you maintain a presence where your target audience actually is, um, active in forums, and blogs, and places where you’re not just a needle on a haystack, you’re actually reaching out to people that you’re trying to reach because we’re putting our ninja skills to good use; we’re able to identify those resources. So, um, it’s not just we follow that conventional line…we actually go the extra step to make sure you’re staying ahead of your competitors.

Gerry: It’s really important to understand that George has the knowledge to help you maximize your search engine optimization with your websites or blogs. So where can they reach you for more information?

George: It’s very easy, and again, I picked a company name that is easy to remember. TheSearchNinjas.com. Very easy domain to remember. Just go to our website, check us out. It lists every service that we offer, it gives us, gives you more information about our company and myself, and of course, there’s a contact us page where you can contact us at anytime.

Gerry: Beautiful. George, thank you so much for joining me.

George: Thanks for having me, I appreciate it.

Gerry: I’m Gerry Oginski coming to you today from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Thanks so much for watching.