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The Search Ninjas, a Maryland WordPress development company with years of website design experience, can help. Whether you are looking for a simple blog that brings the traffic you need for your business to grow or you want a completely customized WordPress solution, we help you get the job done.

What Can Your Maryland WordPress Developer do for You?

Provide Basic or Custom WordPress Development

WordPress is an open source blogging tool that makes it easy to create an attractive website for your business. It has offered site owners stability and satisfaction since 2003. It provides an easy solution for building a simple site, but even the simplest sites take time. If you want something customized, the process takes even longer. An experienced WordPress developer uses the best features provided by WordPress to create an appealing site that gets you noticed by potential clients.

WordPress features a huge variety of themes, several blogging options, and more than 18,000 plugins. This variety is beneficial to site owners, but the options can be overwhelming, especially if your primary business focus is meeting your clients’ needs, not building an online empire. We offer unparalleled WordPress setup for your site and the support you need to make the most of your WordPress features.

What can you expect if you choose The Search Ninjas as your Baltimore website design solution?

  • Initial consultation to determine your specific business needs for WordPress
  • WordPress configuration and installation
  • Custom blog design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Coordinated social media
  • Customized CMS

We offer:

WordPress Customization

WordPress is one of the worlds best-known and dependable website development resources available. Businesses across the Internet take advantage of the database of ready-to-use themes, plugins, and templates available on WordPress. Surprising as it might seem to some, there are still companies out there reluctant to make the WordPress transition. Some are worried a template system couldn’t possibly be enough to satisfy their unique business needs.

If you doubt whether WordPress is the right option for you, we can help you discover all it has to offer. We are a Baltimore web design company with years of experience optimizing and customizing sites for the specific needs of our clients. This makes us uniquely qualified to build the right site for you.

WordPress Blog Development and Support

Blogging is essential for business owners who want a fresh, relevant site. WordPress offers one of the best blogging platforms available. WordPress allows you to organize, design, and implement a blog that provides information and builds a relationship with potential clients. WordPress even allows you to monetize your blog, so you can make the most of visits from potential clients and sell your products online.

WordPress is one of the easiest blogging platforms available, but not all Maryland business owners have the time or desire to build and manage their own blogs. Our Baltimore web design team will determine your business needs and create a blog that helps you achieve your business goals.

Conversion to WordPress from Your Current Blog

Think a WordPress website might work for you, but you already have a business site up and running? No problem! The Search Ninjas helps you convert your current site to WordPress, allowing you to use all the features and benefits of WordPress. WordPress users enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • New content registered within minutes of upload
  • Clean code favored by searching engines
  • User-friendly interface
  • Plug-ins and widgets to suit all of your business needs

Whether your current site frustrates you on a regular basis or you just think it could be better than it currently is, converting to WordPress is the answer.

WordPress as a CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. The best systems provide tools to make blog and website maintenance easy for those who are not experts in the field. WordPress is an open source CMS that one of the most popular on the Internet. There are several reasons for its popularity, including:

  • An integrated suite of themes and templates
  • Free to use and install, though some exclusive themes have a fee
  • Easy to use, even with minimum experience and knowledge
  • Wide array of features that make it easy to customize your blog
  • Plugins that are easy to incorporate into your blog without damaging site efficiency

E-Commerce for WordPress

Do you plan to sell products or services on your site? WordPress makes this easy. With WordPress, The Search Ninjas can help you design and launch a site that allows you to:

  • Upload product and service descriptions
  • Post advertisements
  • Offer discount coupons and sales information

Like many other WordPress features, the e-commerce information on your site is noticed by search engines. Whether you want to share information about the quality of your services or products, how affordable your products or services might be, or a combination of both, our professional WordPress developers help you achieve these goals.

Think a WordPress site might be right for you? Want to know more about WordPress conversion or do you have questions about how WordPress can help you improve your business? We can help.

Contact The Search Ninjas today for help with your WordPress development needs.