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At The Search Ninjas, we offer white-hat, organic SEO services that will help your website obtain top rankings on Google and other search engines. We focus on local AND organic search rankings, to make sure your website is visible on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

With over 15 years of experience in search engine optimization, we take pride in making sure your website can be found by your clients. Whether you're an attorney, plumber, CPA, doctor, or B2B corporation, we can make sure your website's SEO efforts will result in your business getting more calls and more leads.


How Do We Improve SEO?

Some Examples of SEO Factors That We Focus On:
Baltimore SEO
Google Local
Once you've obtained top rankings in Google Local's "snack pack" listings, you'll start hearing the phone ring more often.
User Experience
SEO has evolved over the years, and user experience on your website is more important than ever.
link building
Link & Citation Building
Inbound links are still extremely important for your website's SEO, as are local citation sources.
website load times
Load Times
Load times are important for SEO. We focus on optimizing all clients' website load times.
mobile SEO Maryland
More people are using mobile devices than ever before. We make sure your website is mobile-friendly to improve SEO.
Google Analytics Maryland
Analytics Data
We analyze traffic, ranking, and other data to assess historical drop-offs, likelihood of a Google penalty, and more.

How Does SEO Help Improve my Business?

If your website is buried on page 3 and beyond, your target audience and potential clients will have a hard time finding your products or services. SEO (search engine optimization) and targeted digital marketing campaigns can help solve that problem. We help our clients to obtain top local and organic rankings. If someone searches for “personal injury lawyers near me" from their mobile devices, we help our clients obtain top Google local rankings in the Google local “snack pack" so that potential customers can contact our clients directly from their iPhones or Android devices. More people are using mobile search to find local products and services that ever before, and the old days where you can “dupe" the search engines into thinking you should rank are basically over. Our full-scale SEO and internet marketing strategies will help your website not only rank higher on Google, but your website will also be more visible for a variety of search terms. We don't believe in only concentrating on a handful of keywords. By focusing on a full-scale SEO campaign which includes on-page and technical SEO enhancements, your website will be found for more search terms, not just the “vanity" keywords that all of your competitors are targeting.

We don't ONLY focus on keyword rankings

While keyword rankings are an important part of SEO, they aren't the “end all be all" of lead generation for your website or business. When we implement a full-scale, white-hat SEO strategy, the overall visibility of your website and business will improve. For example, if you have a plumbing business and all we focused on was improving Google rankings for “Baltimore plumbing company", we would go through your website's content, on-page meta data (page titles, meta descriptions, alt image tags, etc.), headings, and other on-page attributes to make sure the key phrases “Baltimore plumbing company" were sprinkled throughout. However, if we're not also taking the time to build local citations and directory listings, improving mobile experience, implementing internal linking, improving URL structures, and implementing advanced on-page microdata like markup for your business name address and phone number, in addition to maintaining the website on a weekly basis, then there is a very good chance that you will be losing search engine market share to your competitors.

It's important for the growth and future of your business that you implement a strategic organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign that will improve user experience, and prove to Google and other search engines that your website and business is local, and can be trusted. The days of “manipulating" keyword rankings for a handful of search terms are basically over. We take a much more long-term approach that will result in your website and business being more visible for a variety of search terms.

What types of clients do you work with?

We have over 12 years of experience working with lawyers from all over the country and in a wide variety of practice areas, such as personal injury, family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, mass torts, and other types of law firms. However we also work with local small businesses located in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia metro area such as plumbers, real estate agents, dentists, CPA offices, and other types of B2C and B2B local businesses hoping to improve their online search engine visibility.

What are the most important factors to focus on for SEO in 2021?

Over the last few years, more people have started using mobile phones to locate local products and services than ever before. If your website doesn't load properly on a mobile device, or if your website has a poor Google Mobile Pagespeed Insights score, then your organic and local SEO efforts will likely suffer. We have over 12 years of experience working with WordPress as a content management system (CMS), and have helped a wide variety of clients to improve common mobile loading errors. We implement advanced caching and other user experience plugins which will improve your website's mobile experience, which in turn helps to improve user experience, and Google authority.

We also focus a lot of our attention on inbound link profiles (link building and inbound link review), citation building to improve local rankings, internal linking, and other traditional on-page SEO methods such as meta data optimization and additional methods to improve user experience.

Once again, the days of simply “sprinkling" keywords that you want to rank for throughout content, page titles, and meta descriptions are all but over. Google's search engine algorithm has evolved, and improving user experience is just as important as ever for the long-term success of any SEO campaign.

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A few facts about us:

  • We've worked with law firms and other small businesses throughout the country.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in organic SEO and Internet marketing.
  • We specialize in Wordpress SEO, with Wordpress being our preferred CMS for years.
  • We take a personal, less "cookie-cutter" approach to every client's Internet marketing campaign.5

Client Testimonials

Here are a few kind words from some of our satisfied clients.
The Search Ninjas have been instrumental in my firm raising our website traffic by over 200%! If you're interested in getting results from your SEO company, stop looking, and call The Search Ninjas!!
Max Meyers
Owner, Max Meyers Law
Max Meyers
The Search Ninjas have helped me tremendously during these last two years. Can't thank them enough for improving my law firm's web design and my SEO rankings. Their work has enabled me to become a more visible personal injury attorney in town. If you need help with SEO and web presence, The Search Ninjas are well worth the investment!
Chong Ye
Owner, The Ye Law Firm
Chong Ye
Since switching from our past provider, the quality of contacts we are getting from the site is markedly better. We're very satisfied with The Search Ninjas.
Louis Marlin
Managing Partner, Marlin and Saltzman
Louis Marlin
There are few people who are consistently good at what they do in their line of work. George (of The Search Ninjas) is one of those rare individuals who consistently turns out excellent quality work and has the necessary understanding of search engine optimization to best optimize his clients websites for maximum visibility.
Gerry Oginski
Owner, The Lawyers Video Studio
Gerry Oginski
The Search Ninjas have done an excellent job with our internet marketing needs. It is hard to find someone more knowledgeable about SEO than George.... he is often able to provide quick and thoughtful answers to any questions we have had during our time working with him. In addition, George is a tireless worker whose dedication to his clients and his craft are rare traits. We highly recommend The Search Ninjas.
Greg Jimeno
Owner, Jimeno and Gray
Greg Jimeno